Christenson Chevrolet’s First Auto Blog

Welcome to Christenson Chevy’s Auto Blog. We hope to answer your questions about servicing or buying a vehicle and hopfuly have a little fun while we do it.

For most people, a car will be the 2nd largest purchase in their lives. Choosing the right vehicle and properly maintaining it are crucial to your happiness with your car as well as your dealer. Topics will range from;

  • Buying versus leasing?
  • What type of oil should I use?
  • If I have an accident, are there warranty issues I need to know about?
  • Should I buy a new or used car?
  • Is it better to take the rebate or special financing?
  • How often should I change my oil?
  • How do I change my wiper blades?
  • What is a Chevy, Buick, or GMC Certified used vehicle?

And so much more. This is a work in progress and we have not figured out how often this blog will be published. Please check back often or “Like” our Facebook page for posts when a new blog is up.

We will also review some of the latest features from Chevrolet that folks like you have questions about. Such as the MyLink Radio, Setting Up Bluetooth, and more. We may even post some in depth videos explaining how to use this great technology.

As always, we welcome your suggestions and questions. So please send them to me, Jim Schroeder, by filling out the form below the quick links at the end of this post.. We will only use your first name and city you live in for question credit if we use it. 

Thank you,
Jim Schroeder 
Internet Sales Director
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